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July 2008
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

this will be the continuation of my story...this is not the only time this fucker fucking bastard me. today's story is quite short ar. today's story goes like these. this fucker birthday is the same as me. same day same date, same year. so when i know about these, of course i will like even more friendly to this fucker. so, i recommend this job to him during N lvls we try to go for interview. but failed. so, this time is after o lvl and i went for interview to this job again. AND I BROUGHT THIS FUCKER ALONG BECAUSE MY THOUGHT WAS SINCE WE WENT DURING THE N LVL YEAR, MAYBE I ASK HIM ALONG WITH ME AFTER MY O LVL. okay at first nth happen. he joke with me i joke with him. sudden he ask me to treat him chocolate coz we work there for so long and i haven treat him. BUT THE THEORY IS THE FUCKER SHLD BE THE ONE TREATING ME CHOCS OR SMTH COZ I RECOMMEND THE FUCKER THE JOB. this one i diam diam. ALSO, this fucker sudden ask for some chocs. then my cousin was like plaing jealous or smth say give that fucker then nv give her. that fucking fucker reply U GO SMOKE WITH HIM LOR THEN HE WILL GIVE. i was thinking WTF. EH FUCKER:U SMOKE IN RETURN FOR SOME CHOCOLATES. NEVER USE BRAIN THINK ALSO USE UR FUCKING FLABBYASS TO THINK LA:ONE PUFF IS MINUS HOW MANY MINS OF UR LIFE LA PLUS U EAT SO MANY CHOCOLATES FOR WHAT. GET DIABETES LEG CHOP OFF ARM CHOP OFF THEN FUCKING PREPARE TO GET LAUGHED BY ME LA.

2nd lesson : what shld u do when u have a friend who is a potential bastard that has the same birthday as u?

firstly, dun be so close to him/her. try to know more about his character.take my case for example i did not know that the fucker is a potential bastard so he get a chance to bastard.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Its kinda late to take revenge now but i just have to find a way to vent my anger. I will fucking remember how YOU fucking bastard me.last year i follow my friend go make his passport then after that we tot wan go find this bastard for lunch. so i smsed him and ask him out for lunch. he said he alrdy da bao. then okay. Fucking a few mins later, he smsed my this friend asking if i was with him. then my friend replied that bastard ya. immediately tat Fucker reply back "uall wan come find me uall come lor but i only got 1 hr break". Fucking obvious that this Fucker is fucking bastarding me. maybe this is how this fucker treat a friend who bring him interview a job and forgets everything.

1st lesson: what is a bastard?

a bastard is someone who backstabs you and pretend nothing has happens. on the outside look, he is normal, acting as a good friend of you but on the inside, you will not know what he is thinking of doing to you next.